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 eDriving’s Fortune-250 clients like Amazon and J&J were concerned about their 200+ global fleet drivers’ safety and a related rise in insurance costs. We found that attitude and drowsy driving were the biggest culprits. I led the development of behavior-centered, action-oriented coaching content for their smart-phone-based SaaS product Mentor, contributing to a 67% decrease in collisions with the test fleet EcoLabs. This and additional studies enabled the company to make a direct correlation between the app content delivered and the drivers’ FICO-based safe driving score.



The International Rescue Committee (IRC) works to empower displaced people in regions of the world affected by conflict and natural disasters.  Gender-based violence increases exponentially in times of social strife. Seeking to mitigate that, the IRC engaged me in Côte d’Ivoire, Chechnya, and South Sudan to develop and direct nationwide social norms marketing campaigns for which I created tailored contextual strategies. We saw a  measurable increase in help-seeking and support behaviors for thousands of domestic violence survivors, realized greater support by law enforcement, and moved the needle towards lessening the stigma of domestic violence.

One Drop

The One Drop Foundation provides access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. They sought to templatize and scale their social art program, as well as demonstrate its effect on global communities. I advised on and co-developed their Social Art for Behavior Change Approach, a process that engages whole communities on the importance of clean and hygienic Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) practices. The data-informed approach includes behavioral research (barrier analysis and Knowledge, Attitude Practice (KAP) studies) an action plan, and content guidance adapted to target groups, influencers, desired behaviors, and local contexts. Participating communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America have seen measured increase in water tariff compliance and improved clean water and hygiene practices since implementation.


The Faith Effect 

The Faith Effect A was a joint initiative by the Center for Interfaith Action and the Nike and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations. I led content creation for a set of faith-based behavior change communication toolkits for Muslim, Catholic and EOTC faith leaders to use in Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia, to stimulate positive action on three issues: ending the harmful traditional practices (HTP) of child marriage and  female genital cutting (FGC), and encouraging the use of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) by serodiscordant couples to prevent HIV.