Virginia Williams Bio About New View Media

 about me: 

I'm a returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Morocco), had the honor of interviewing President Barack Obama for an advocacy film, and I directed a documentary feature FRONTRUNNER, about the first and only woman to run for President of Afghanistan. Im a mom of an amazing 10-year-old boy. I also like blasting 80’s pop when nobody’s listening.  


I empower companies and organizations to tell their stories better. Whether that story is about who they are -- (branding/strategic communications) – how they want to change the world -- (advocacy/behavior change) or what they offer (product/services) -- I help them evolve beyond building brand and awareness (“us”) to sparking conversation and action (‘we”).

I think what sets me apart is the fact that I'm able to draw on a diverse background in social behavior change, social marketing, and documentary filmmaking. My work ethos is built on the idea that listening is the first step to reaching the heart and mind of your audience—whether they are customers, users, donors, activists or other stakeholders. From this crucial step I can successfully work with a team to tailor a program or initiative to the target group’s wants and needs.

My company motto "Media Meets Mission," reflects my desire to work for causes close to my heart, like the ones munching on alfalfa below. ; ) I also Blog occasionally, mostly on things related to social change communications and programming-- read some posts on Medium if you like .


I hope to have a chance to work together soon! 

-- Virginia 

Code of Ethics


I adopt this code of ethics as the foundation of my professional integrity. I dedicate myself to these fundamental principles to assure my work is honest and motivated by a clear and simple intention to make the world a better place for all.  I promise to try my best to: 

  • Be accountable to clients and all individuals involved in the projects.

  • Maintain an atmosphere of safety, inclusion and open communication within the working environment.

  • Examine my own cultural values and avoid imposing them on others.

  • Treat clients, participants, vendors and fellow employees as equal human beings deserving of respect regardless of race, gender, age,  religion, ethnicity, geography, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance or social status.

  • Practice environmental sustainability to the fullest extent possible in my work and remain conscious of my impact on the earth and oceans.